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Customer Service Training

Is Your Organization Providing Incredible Customer Service Every Day?
How many clients are you losing each and every day because your team is not engaged when interacting with the client? It is more than you think and it is costing you thousands in lost revenue and referral business. The key is getting everyone from the janitor to the president to engage each and every customer as if they are your only one!

How We Can Help
Gary Johnson provides outstanding workshops designed to not only describe what a Wowed! experience looks and sounds like but he also provides practical ideas you can implement immediately! Gary is one of those rare speakers that is also willing to “dig in” long term and coach the behavior changes necessary to ensure real change occurs.

Gary’s book, Wowed! Using the Principles of Wow to Create Incredible Customer Service was released to rave reviews in February of 2014 and is the basis for which his workshop and speeches are crafted.
Gary has a unique ability to use the power of story and humor to help cement his concepts in the mind of your employees as to what a Wow! experience is and is not. Gary can customize a workshops and coaching sessions to be specific to your industry which will give your employees and associates the tools they need to Wow! your clients with each and every encounter.