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WOW Leadership Training & Development

Behavior Change

The Wowed Institute has created a leadership development program that utilizes the research that shows people retain up to 85% of what they read, hear, see and do. Each topic incorporates all four components of learning to ensure that what is being taught is actually “learned” and fosters behavior change. This is done by including in every module:

  • A live presentation
  • Hand out materials that require the participant to “fill in” key elements of the learning module
  • Group discussions that allow ideas to be discussed which again enhances retention
  • Exercises that reinforce points discussed in the course
  • Action plans that are completed and acted upon back at the office
  • 60 days of time to implement concepts discussed in the course before coming back to learn a new concept

The Curriculum

  • Using the Principles of Wow to Create Incredible Customer Service
  • How to Hire Champions
  • “ How to Create a Culture of Accountability
  • “ Negotiating Win-Win Scenarios
  • “ How to Hire Champions
  • “ Inspiring and Motivating for Peak Results